A lot of the business establishments are by family, couple or partners, but La Prudential Industrial Ltd. was by an elderly woman named Chino. Company founded at late 90’s, who has a strong passion and enthusiasm for making high quality ceramic ware from oven to table, from casual to formal dinnerware, then supplement with glass ware and other table top accessories. We always create and introduce new products and ideas to various customers according to their needs; such as retailers, wholesalers and importers. We make great efforts for many years and have numerous long-term and steady clients now. With over 15 years’ experience, we manufacture from handpainted ceramic, to solid color stoneware item, and now upscale to magnesia porcelain dinnerware. Starting from OEM to ODM items, recently we’ve just create our own brand named “Tableware Talks©“to extend and enrich our product lines, specialize products like; bake dish, kitchen ware, dinner ware, canister, tea set…etc.
We like to make things that are for daily use and enjoyable like the cheer up mug that you have in the morning for your coffee. Then human proportion size of cereal bowl, dinner plate and bread plate is just a perfect portion for food that you’ll enjoy. Making ceramic table top items is always at the heart of the company, but in recent years we’ve extend glass products to enrich our table top range; such as wine glasses, decenter, water jug…etc., we do look forward to develop wider range like kitchen ware as well. Every step Chino walked by is not easy and she’s not alone because customers are gradually her good friends and supporting her for years even at the year of 2003 when she got SARS, and she also got cancer at 2013, another big step walking out from the heaven, truly thanks for the support from all aspect, things make life more beautiful.